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Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Monday 11 July, 2022

Superyachts require constant maintenance, and occasionally will need to be pulled into drydock for this upkeep.

The yacht’s hull will require regular cleaning to clear marine growth. Without regular cleaning this growth can build up, and consequentially affect the performance of the yacht, in some cases making the yacht 10-15% less efficient. Prop shaft seals will also need replacement, and the general condition of the props and stabilisers can be assessed when the yacht has been lifted from the water.

A lot of larger and commercial yachts in particular must be drydocked and inspected twice in a 5-year period as per SOLAS requirements. For smaller yachts, this period could even be shorter, as many will often sit idle over the winter period and will require maintenance as a result.

Much of the yachts onboard equipment can be maintained whilst in drydock, including the engines, generator, water makers and air conditioning systems. Washer and dryer units can also be serviced whilst the yacht is in the yard. Excess lint can be a real fire hazard and will need clearing.

The hull of your yacht will require periodic re-painting. The anti-fouling properties of marine paint and gel-finished surfaces fades over time and will require regular replacement to prevent excessive marine growth.

A drydock period is crucial for any yacht, no matter the size, and despite time out of the water and the costs involved, over the long-term this regular maintenance will pay real dividends.

For more information about superyacht maintenance and yacht dry-docking get in touch with the SWM Yachts yacht management team. See how SWM Yachts superyacht management services can improve your yachting experience.


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