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Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Tuesday 12 July, 2022


Inflatables refers to a wide variety of inflatable toys. One example are ringo’s or donuts that can be towed along by the tender, and can come in any wide variety of shape such as bananas. Other examples are floating pools, trampolines, slides, climbing walls, cabanas and jungle gyms. Many charter yachts feature a wide selection of such inflatable toys.

Jet-skis and Wave Runners

Personal watercraft are featured aboard many luxury charter yachts and some can even reach top speeds exceeding 60 mph! Charter yachts will be crewed by professionals that can both instruct and supervise for a great time on the water on a PWC.

Sub-Aqua Toys

With sub-aqua toys we often refer to Seabob’s, which are great toys to zoom around the water with, but there are a great number of other toys to view coral reefs and wrecks with especially when supplemented with dive gear. Some yachts even have submersibles if you want to go deeper and further!


Water-ski’s are great fun regardless of whether you’re a novice or an expert. Like towable inflatables they’re great to pull along via the charter yachts tender, all while under the expert supervision of a fully trained charter yacht crew.

Canoes, Paddleboards & Kayak’s

If you’re looking to visit an isolated shore in your own time, or further adventure across the water a canoe, paddleboard or kayak are a great means and lots of fun. Many charter yachts have such toys aboard, as they’re easy to store and easy to use.

Fliteboards and E-Foils

E-foils are motorised boards with hydrofoils. Get up to speed and fly over the water! An experience similar to surfing but above the water and in any direction you choose.

e-foil yacht

Wind and Kite Surfers

Windsurfers are large boards with a sail, which you can use to catch the wind and get up to speed with. Kite surfers are even more adrenaline pumping, using a vast kite to pull yourself along the water with just the board beneath your feet.

Snorkel and Scuba Gear

Many larger charter yachts feature dive compressors and scuba gear, with professional crew that can act as dive instructors aboard. Snorkelling is great fun as well, allowing you to peer at the world underwater while still breathing.

Snorkel yacht charter, superyacht management, SWM Yachts

Fishing Gear

For the avid fisherman, many charter yachts will have fishing gear aboard. Specialised charter yachts such as sport fishers crank up the dial and allow you to catch some of the largest of fish out there, speeding across the sea in pursuit of marlin or tuna to name a few species.

For more information about outfitting your superyacht with the latest toys, get in touch with the SWM Yachts yacht management team. For further information about watertoys aboard a yacht charter, speak to the SWM Yachts yacht charter team.


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