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Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Monday 16 August, 2022

Chartering a luxury superyacht is a great way to combine privacy and luxury and a way to experience the ultimate bespoke vacation. A superyacht charter offers freedom and flexibility, both to explore and escape the restrictions one might find on a cruise ship itinerary, or the inconvenience of busy hotels.

With dedicated crew aboard, you are promised the peak of 7-star service, surpassing in some cases any kind of service you can find ashore. Professional crewmembers often double as massage therapists, beauty therapists, personal trainers, dive instructors and watersports instructors, ensuring expertise no matter what you want to indulge in.

The serenity and calm of a yacht at anchor makes perfect to taking in glorious vista’s over breakfast or by sunset in the evening. With luxurious and opulent interiors to rival the world’s best hotels, a superyacht charter offers all of this for just you and your guests.

A superyacht offers the latest in technological comforts. Stabilisers and dynamic positioning ensure the yacht remains as stable as possible. Jacuzzi’s, swimming pools, movie theatres and outdoor cinema’s, the latest in HI-FI technology, wi-fi and 8K televisions are just some of the many comforts aboard to keep you entertained.

Go anywhere in the world. Explorer yacht charters offer expeditions even further afield. Whether you’re looking to discover tropical islands and archipelagos or sating your curiosity and daring a charter to the Poles. Or stay closer to home and charter in some of the world’s most prestigious locations in the Mediterranean.

Ride the waves on jet-ski’s, paddleboards, inflatables, water-ski’s and so much more. There are plenty of water sports activities to go around on a luxury yacht charter. Explore coral reefs on a dive from the yacht, or even utilise a submersible on some charter yachts.

Corporate yacht charters are also a great way to execute business, impress potential clients, reward employees or launch new products. A corporate yacht charter is perfect for sporting events at a trackside yacht berth at the Monaco Grand Prix or Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, or host a cocktail party for a function in some of the world’s major cities.

Whatever you’re looking for there is a charter yacht for it. For anyone considering chartering a luxury yacht, read our Yacht Charter Experiences page here. Or to find out more try our Yacht Charter FAQ’s. For the ultimate yacht charter experience get in touch with our yacht charter team at

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