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Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Friday 12 August, 2022

Superyacht AV/IT systems evolve year-on-year, as newer technology comes to the market. It’s important that your yachts crew and engineers are able to work with a company that will help your superyacht keep up with the latest trends.

A fast Wi-Fi coverage is vital. Guests will always require not only constant connectivity but the fastest available. It’s important to have the technology aboard to integrate the Wi-Fi protocol embedded in the latest phone or gadget release. Without the latest hardware, so often these new devices will underperform, and leave your engineer explaining to guests why the issue is not such an easy fix.

A fast reliable internet connection can also be managed financially, as well as technically, dividing the bandwidth according to whether guests are onboard or not, or to certain areas of the yacht. Different speeds can be allocated during the day, as well as being cut during shipyard and maintenance periods.

A great sounding audio system is a must as well, most especially if you know your yacht is going to be used for parties or entertaining. ‘Great sounding’ though doesn’t necessarily have to mean loud, as crisp quality background audio always works as a great touch, especially with the ability to pump that volume up with no loss of quality.

Offshore technical support is crucial, ensuring systems remain reliable and up to speed. It means that the engineers and crew are spending a lot less time troubleshooting AV/IT issues and more time keeping the yacht operating. Often, it’s the systems that are most problematic where management has cut back on in budget. Product quality depreciates and UPS’s (uninterrupted power supply) are removed from the budget which leads to frustrated crew, poor user experience and guest complaints.

Investing in the latest tech will not only improve the quality of the systems onboard but amaze your guests as well. Whether they be foldaway TV’s or quality speakers, the latest in AV/IT systems update the yacht’s capability to entertain and impress.

For more information about upgrading your AV/IT systems or superyacht management, get in touch with the SWM Yachts yacht management team at to arrange a consultation on your superyacht ownership needs.


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