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Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Tuesday 19 July, 2022

There are multiple types of jet available, that cater to a number of requirements. Whether you’re looking to get to your luxury yacht charter in style or attend a business conference with the whole team in toe, there is a charter jet to suit your needs.

private jet charter

Very Light Jets or Compact Light Jets

Example aircraft: Embraer Phenom 100, Eclipse 500, Hondajet HA-420

Passengers: 4-7

Range: 1,211–1,294 Nautical Miles

Baggage Capacity: 0.5-2m Cubed

Ideal for short-haul distances for up to 3 hours of flight, Very Light Jets are perfect for city hopping, with a capacity to accommodate up to 7 people and a reasonable amount of luggage. Amenities usually include a rear lavatory and, in some cases, a small galley, however there is no capacity for a cabin attendant.

Small Light Jets

Example aircraft: Hawker 400 XP, Cessna Citation CJ2, Dassault Falcon 10

Passengers: 6-8

Range: 1,400–1,530 Nautical Miles

Baggage Capacity: 1.5-2.1m Cubed

With better passenger capacity than Very Light Jets and capable of flying at around 500 miles an hour, Small Light Jets are ideal for short haul distances over intracontinental routes at a flight time of 3 hours.

Like Very Light Jets their small sizes is perfect for reaching smaller airfields, and offer flexibility outside of busier commercial airports. Like their smaller cousins they don’t have the space of an attendant but very often come with a lavatory.

Super Light Jets

Example aircraft: Gulfstream G100, Embraer Phenom 300, Citation XLS

Passengers: 6-8

Range: 1,687–2,550 Nautical Miles

Baggage Capacity: 1.8-2.3m Cubed

Offering enhanced size, range and comfort, Super Light Jets are still small enough to offer the flexibility of utilising shorter runways and private airfields. The amenities on board take a step up, often offering executive seating, mini galley’s, fold out tables and an inflight conference room in the case of the Citation XLS.

Midsize Cabin Jets

Example aircraft: Gulfstream G150, Cessna Citation Latitude, Learjet 60

Passengers: 7-9

Range: 2,250–2,760 Nautical Miles

Baggage Capacity: 1.6-3.6m Cubed

Offering an average of 5 hours non-stop flight time, Midsize Cabin Jets are often suited for travellers requiring further range. The larger cabin ensures greater headroom for full standing capacity and larger luggage space.

The standard aboard Midsize Cabin Jets is luxurious, with two qualified pilots – a captain and co-pilot – a service galley and a flight attendant. Some are even fitted with showers, entertainment systems and fold out divans.

Wi-fi and phone connection comes as standard. Mid-size jets are also still able to use smaller airports and can be a lot more cost effective than Heavy Jets.

Super Midsize Cabin Jets

Example aircraft: Gulfstream G200, Cessna Citation Sovereign, Bombardier Challenger 350

Passengers: 8-12

Range: 2,620–3,200 Nautical Miles

Baggage Capacity: 3-4.2m Cubed

Half way up towards Heavy Jets, Super Midsize Cabin Jets offer greater range and can fly up to a total of 7 hours continuously. The greater headroom allows ample walking space, and come equipped with the luxury’s you’d expect.

Service galley’s come as standard. The advanced avionics of a Super Midsize Cabin Jet also ensures a smoother and quieter flight.

Heavy Jets

Example aircraft: Bombardier Challenger 605, Gulfstream 350, Dassault Falcon 900

Passengers: 9-19

Range: 3,590–3,834 Nautical Miles

Baggage Capacity: 3.3-4.8m Cubed

Offering luxurious and spacious interiors, Heavy Jets grant generous leg-room, pull out tabletops and premier seating. Often coming with two flight attendants, Heavy Jets can offer full in-flight catering, entertainment systems and enhanced Wi-Fi and phone connectivity.

Superior flying capacity is available with a Heavy Jet, offering up to 9 hours of non-stop flying for 10 passengers or more.

Ultra-Long-Range Heavy Jets

Example aircraft: Gulfstream V, Dassault Falcon 7X, Bombardier Global 6000

Passengers: 8-19

Range: 5,890–6,250 Nautical Miles

Baggage Capacity: 4-6.4m Cubed

Offering only the best in range, performance, size and luxury, an Ultra-Long-Range Heavy Jet is the perfect choice for long range flights.

The cabin is separated into various sections devoted to dining, entertainment, conference and in many cases a lie-flat bed or two for only the most discerning of travellers requiring the peak of elegance and comfort.

The Ultra-Long-Range Heavy Jet also features the fastest executive jet in her class, with the Bombardier 7500 approaching near the speed of sound, capable of cruising at Mach 0.93.

Executive Liners or Business Liners

Example aircraft: Airbus ACJ (various models), Boeing BBJ (various models), Embraer Executive Jets (various models)

Passengers: 19-48

Range: 6,141+ Nautical Miles

Baggage Capacity: 7.8m+ Cubed

Executive Liners are commercial aircraft modified for private or business use. They are the cremé de la cremé, and the most expensive class of private jets available on the market, with the largest possible conversions being the Airbus ACJ380 and Boeing BBJ 747-8.

With opulent and often bespoke interiors, bizliners as they are sometimes referred to, can feature private cabins with en-suite facilities, conference centres and even on-board cocktail lounges.

To find out more about private jets get in touch with the SWM Yachts team to hear about how a private jet charter can complement your luxury yacht charter. Or click here to read about How to Charter a Jet.


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