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Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Thursday 18th May 2022

The French Riviera boasts 115 kilometres (71 miles) of coastline and beaches. The golden era of yachting is synonymous with the South of France. Many starlets, actors and influential people have holidayed here throughout history. The area has exuded style, glamour and sophistication ever since.

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There is plenty to see and do along the French Riviera aboard a luxury superyacht charter with at least 12 Michelin starred restaurants, 18 golf courses, and 14 ski resorts dotting the coast. With such short distances between one town to the next, a yacht charter can easily have you lunching in Cannes, with a short sail to have you at St Tropez for drinks by the afternoon.

Monaco is itself its own independent country, but is often the highlight of any yacht charter along the French Riviera. Its sophisticated skyline, casino’s restaurants, bars and clubs will delight. Docking in its majestic Port Hercule aboard your superyacht charter will put you as the centre of everyone’s attention. It is here, where the incredible Formula One Monaco Grand Prix takes place.

St Tropez is the South of France’s party town for the Summer. Have your yacht charter dock here in the centre of the action. The town’s bars line the marina, and make for an incredible atmosphere as the town’s VIP’s flit between rowdy bars to yacht parties. The town is also beset with incredible restaurants, and its cobbled streets allude to the town’s historic fishing heritage.

Cannes boasts the Cannes Film Festival every year, when the town plays host to the world’s actors, talent and celebrities. Its beaches and beachside restaurants and bars are perfect for relaxing in, whilst the town’s luxury boutique’s and designer stores offer an unparalleled luxury shopping experience.

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