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Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Wednesday 14 September, 2022

Director Anastasia Safronoff contributed to the 30 at 30 section of this years’ edition of the Superyacht Owner Report and featured on the front cover. This edition marks 30 years for The Superyacht Group. Her contribution discusses yachting in a post ownership society.

Yachting is appealing to an ever-younger demographic that values instant gratification. Conforming to their particular needs will drive far greater growth within the yachting industry. Doing so requires learning from similar industries and embedding tech services throughout the sector.

This generation is willing to pay for flexibility and convenience. Matching this need with high value, slow moving assets such as superyachts will take some ingenuity.

Membership which offers freedom to switch between fully managed yachts, without the full cost and responsibility may be one solution to better appeal to this group. The solution we’ve found may lie in fractional ownership or memberships paired with technology, offering yacht shares between an exclusive club of owners.

Offering choice between multiple locations and sizes, with the benefits of ownership, bridges the gap between the current yacht charter industry and the preferences of the younger demographic.

The second challenge is that yachting will require more of the extraordinary. Experiential yachting will challenge the assumption of what a yacht is normally used for, expanding the experience to new areas that are of key interest for this younger demographic. Yachting will require more of the exceptional, the out-of-the-ordinary and offer more exclusivity – not in price but access. Our experiential yachting aims to deepen experiences and enrich yachting with greater purpose.

Adapting to this market will be a difficult change for a typically slow-moving and traditional industry. However, the benefits will allow for even greater growth, outweighing the challenge in transitioning.

A downloadable extract of the report is available to download below.

The Superyacht Group Owner Report 2022
Download PDF • 535KB

The full report can be found here.

For further information about fractional yacht ownership or experiential yachting get in touch with our team here or via email SWM Yachts also specialise in luxury yacht charter, yacht sales and purchase, yacht management, luxury concierge and special events.


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