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Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Tuesday 12 July, 2022

If you’re looking a yacht charter you can bring your pet aboard on, SWM Yachts knowledgeable yacht charter team have a selection of pet friendly charter yachts on hand.

There are a few things to consider before you and your little friend can enjoy both the water and the luxury of a superyacht together.

The first is the legality of bringing your pet aboard. In the Mediterranean for instance, a European Pet Passport is required but once obtained your friend is free to roam anywhere in Europe. The process to obtain one requires blood tests and up-to-date vaccinations for rabies and other diseases.

For the Caribbean, a pet permit will be required in advance based on health tests and certification, with the British Virgin Islands also requiring a brief examination by a vet that can meet you either on the dock or at the port of entry.

For dog-owners from overseas visiting America, a certificate proving a recent rabies vaccination is essential. Charterers that wish to visit Australia will need to quarantine their pet upon entry and pay a fee.

The second issue is that many yacht charters available for pets will require an additional deposit to be paid. This is so the owner may cover for any damage or mess made by your pet, as the decking of a superyacht as well as a luxury yachts interior is delicate, expensive and in some cases very sensitive and susceptible to damage.

We’re sure however your little friend is always on their best behaviour! Which is why, for repeat charterers, a glowing reference from a yacht owner or captain is the best way to avoid future deposits.

The final issue is of course, your pet’s wellbeing. Most superyacht charters sail in warmer clients, and the deck may get hot for their paws. The yacht itself is a confined space from the land, and whilst of course you’re free to go ashore as often as you like, your pet may not be able to communicate their discomfort. The motion of a yacht may also unfortunately make your little friend seasick, as they are just as susceptible as humans are.

Many pets however, especially dogs, thrive aboard superyachts, and you’ll relish the moments watching them frolic in the water, or enjoying the sunset together. If you’re confident your pet will enjoy a superyacht charter as much as yourself, speak to the SWM Yachts expert yacht charter team about booking a luxury superyacht charter.

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