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Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Monday 1 August, 2022

New Zealand offers plenty for both adrenaline junkies and those looking to relax. From the comfort of your yacht charter, head ashore and experience the culture and the multitude of activities the country has to offer.

Equip the yachts tender or helicopter and take the mountain bikes ashore. With rugged topography New Zealand is perfect for it. Heli-bike as high as 6,000 feet and descend from the top into open alpine tundra.

Helicopter your way to Nelson for some canyoning. Hike an intensive route before reaching a canyon that offer abseiling, back-to-back down climbs and slides, advanced enough for those with the know-how and the skills.

Try off-roading too. The abundance of tracks, rivers, streams, sheer edges and wild country make for a great adrenaline fuelled experience in a Landrover Defender or similar. You can even ramp the experience up a notch and try rally driving on part of the New Zealand rally circuit.

New Zealand is also an exceptional cultural hub, with world class vineyards. Sample some of New Zealand’s best wines with delicious cuisine against the backdrop of the rolling hills of the country.

New Zealand yacht charter

For a real cultural experience immerse yourself for a day with a local Maori tribe, where there will teach you to track, hunt and prepare their traditional cuisine. Go a step beyond and experience a Maori warrior ambush, for something completely out of the ordinary.

There’s plenty more to experience, from white-water rafting, gliding, diving the fjords and wrecks, or even just sightseeing the incredible and beautiful land that is New Zealand.

To find out more about a yacht charter to New Zealand or activities that can be done whilst on a yacht charter get in touch with the SWM Yachts team. Or find out more about our experiential yachting service here.








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