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Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Tuesday 19 July, 2022

A private jet offers privacy, unparalleled convenience and saves a lot of time otherwise waiting in a busy terminal. Not only that but a private jet opens up new and more time-effective routes, with the jets able to land at smaller airfields.

Booking a jet for charter is surprisingly simple and can be completed with a short email or WhatsApp exchange, or even over the phone. Speak to the SWM Yachts concierge team when looking for a private plane for charter.

There are two types of private jet companies we work with, or that can be booked through. Operator’s; who utilise a fleet of jets, and brokers who act as a middle man but offer ease and convenience.

If you’re a frequent traveller, there are a few further options for you that are likely to be more cost effective in the long term. Membership based programmes and private jet fractional ownership are a couple of options. It’s usually worth considering buying your own jet if your travelling exceeds €500,000 a year.

A jet charter works fine in most cases however, especially when paired with a superyacht charter with SWM Yachts.

What kind of private jet charter you’ll experience is often dependent upon a number of factors. The number of passengers, as well as the overall luggage you’re bringing are the main ones.

Determining the safety rating of the flight is also something to consider, with two main companies; Argus and Wyvern, responsible for setting ratings, standards and audits. So long as your jet has two pilots with a rating from either you can be assured of high safety standards.

The payment for a jet charter is generally done by bank/wire transfer but a check or card is also acceptable. Any ground transportation, catering or other optional extras will be added to the final bill.

When your trip is booked, through ourselves at SWM Yachts and our partners, you’ll receive an itinerary listing he tail number, departure facility and time.

Private jets don’t typically go by flight number as commercial jets do, going instead by tail number. The departure facility is often a private terminal known as a Fixed Base Operator.

FBO’s are smaller than commercial terminals and feature plenty of amenities, some high-end FOB’s even include popcorn machines and golf simulators.

When ready, you’ll be able to drive straight up to the private aircraft and board.

To hear more about private jet charter, speak to the luxury concierge team at SWM Yachts. Click here to read about the kind of jet you can charter.

For further information on luxury yacht charter, the SWM Yachts broker team can be reached here or by emailing the team at

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