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Friday 19 August, 2022

The superyacht industry is driven by experiences. As the new generation of young wealth enter the market, the industry will quickly have to adapt to catering to the interests and demands of a new generation of owners. Superyachts are an all-exclusive access pass to discovering the world in both luxury and supreme comfort.

This renewed emphasis on experiences is altering the way yachts of today are built and used. There is a greater interest in explorer yachts than ever before, both for charter and for private use. The ability to go far afield, off the beaten path or to experience what only a few intrepid adventurers throughout history has experienced is a real driving factor for this growth. Whether that be in sailing through Antarctic ice or landing on the beach of the Galapagos Islands.

experiential yachting

The younger generation of new yacht clients have different needs, wants and desires. New technologies aid them in being able to work from home, seeing yacht charters last for longer periods, or superyachts serving as a second and in some cases even primary home. These new lifestyle changes are prompting changes also in what amenities yachts feature. Extended beach clubs, more watertoys, more gyms to be active and office space are some examples but some yachts are also opting for support yachts to complement a greater selection of toys and vehicles.

You can read here about how a support yacht might actually be a cost saving solution for owners.

Newer technologies are also aiding clients in how they pay for superyachts, charters and services. A significant number of younger high-net worth individuals are invested or indeed passionate about cryptocurrency and its potential. The inherent blockchain however will shape yachting in other ways as well, with NFTs and the metaverse being elemental into how the yachting experience is shaped in the near future.

SWM Yachts are here to help guests to curate the ultimate experience. We have a genuine passion for big ideas and new experiences. This is why we have tailored our services around the experience of a yacht, with experiential yachting taking it a step further to push the limit of that potential experience.

A superyacht is a unique platform to craft and tailor fit these experiences from. Our concierge is even part of this philosophy, very much focused on extending that experience beyond the yacht in making the travel to and from and the entire onboarding and offboarding experience.

The activities aboard the yacht themselves are what we focus on when applying our experiential services, as well as ashore. We have exclusive access to incredible Michelin starred chefs that can produce unique sensory cuisine, bespoke wellness and yoga instructors utilising methods and sounds from nature and incredible illusionists to name a few. Whilst the guests are ashore it’s always a great opportunity to prepare a unique activity or experience.

Ashore its part and parcel with concierge but in ensuring the most unique and incredible of restaurants, bars and activities are sought for. Whether they be in extreme sports or supplementing your charter by finishing the trip on a luxury train for a 4-day safari (see the possibilities here).

There’s no shortage of possibility for curating any kind of experience, using a superyacht as a base-camp to indulge in from. We passionate about taking our clients to unique destinations, providing unique experiences, and pushing the boundaries of both luxury and experience.

To find out more about our services. Get in touch with the team here or by emailing

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