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Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Monday 15 August, 2022

The Advanced provisioning allowance (APA) is the fee paid in advance of to cover the operational expenses and provisions of your luxury yacht charter. The APA is paid on top of the standard yacht charter fee.

It covers everything from food to fuel to port and customs fees, as well as any special requests or requirements you have made for your superyacht charter.

The APA is calculated as a portion of the charter fee, which is usually, as a rough rule, expected to be between 30-40% of your yacht charter fee. This amount can vary wildly however, and depends on a lot of factors, especially if your yacht is travelling large distances, is consuming a large amount of fuel or you’ve ordered a lot of alcohol for a function as just a few examples. Any specific or special requests will also alter the APA amount.

The superyacht captain is in charge of the purchases made before and during your yacht charter, responsible for ensuring the crew stays within budget. The captain will happily provide you with receipts and detailed expense reports should you request these, as well as an itemised breakdown of all expenditures when you finally disembark.

The APA is an advance on expenses, so is based on an estimation of your expenses for the trip. Should the expenses exceed the APA, extra costs will be incurred, which will then need to be settled before leaving the yacht at the end of the yacht charter trip. For any credit remaining of the APA, should you happen not to use it all, this will be refunded to you by the captain.

The APA is designed specifically to simplify your yacht charter experience, leaving you the time to really enjoy and appreciate the trip.

For more information about superyacht charter or the APA, get in touch with the SWM Yachts yacht charter team at #yachtcharter


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