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When it comes to luxury yacht charter destinations in Greece, you will be spoiled for choice. The Ionian islands, on the other hand, cannot be surpassed for superb gastronomy, rich history, and diverse and dramatic beauty. The Ionian Islands cling to Greece's lush "green shore," where golden sands are bordered by olive and lemon trees. From local culture and history to water sports and excellent eating, from relaxing beach hopping to exciting nightlife and boutique designer shopping, there is something for everyone's preferences and interests.


Image by Mac McDade

A luxury superyacht charter of the Cycladic Islands is a dream come true. Take in the views of white-washed cube cottages located on the slopes of picture-perfect Greek villages, surrounded by windmills and church domes painted in dazzling bright blue. The Cycladic Islands are arranged loosely in a ring (the term 'Cyclades' alludes to their circular structure), allowing tourists to take a casual approach to their vacation and enjoy a week or two of tranquil and sumptuous island-hopping.

Explore hundreds of quiet Cycladic beaches and calm anchorages, where you may spend an afternoon snorkelling in clear seas and sunbathing in solitude before continuing on to a romantic supper beneath the stars. When it comes to night-time, the sunset over Santorini is an ethereal experience best enjoyed from the deck of your charter yacht, while magnificent Mykonos features some of the most opulent nightlife in the Mediterranean.


The Sporades Islands (literally "scattered islands") are located in the North-Western Aegean Sea, off the east coast of Greece. Only Alonissos, Skiathos, Skopelos, and Skyros are permanently populated among the Sporades' 11 main islands. These sparsely populated and pristine islands are arguably best known as the backdrop for the Hollywood blockbuster "Mamma Mia," and they include some of the Mediterranean's most magnificent beaches and rock formations. The Sporades islands provide a peaceful and relaxed experience that captures the genuine spirit of Greece to visitors on a luxury superyacht charter. 
You'll have access to all of the immaculate coves, even some that are generally inaccessible by land, and you'll be able to sail from island to island at your leisure, exploring each island's own character and beauty. Pine woods stretch down to sandy beaches, giving the water a distinctive green hue.
The islands of the Sporades provide unrivalled moments for a dreamy luxury superyacht trip, from deep clear seas to small leeward bays and infinite sandy beaches only accessible by sea.

Image by Chris Karidis


A luxury yacht charter in the Dodecanese Islands will provide you fantastic memories of some of the most beautiful and unique islands in the Greek Aegean, with near-perfect sailing conditions and a true taste of the Orient. Dodeca (twelve) Nisia is the literal translation of the word Dodecanese (islands). The chain's 12 islands are located in the northeast Aegean and have been under Turkish, Italian, German, British, and Greek administration at various points throughout history.
Because the islands are a distant outpost of Greece, their cultures are frequently distinct from those of mainland Greece. The pace of life is relaxed here, and the islanders are generally kind to guests, whether they are at anchor or in port. While certain islands, like as Rhodes and Kos, have vibrant nightlife, the majority of the Dodecanese are sleepy outposts of the Greek nation.

Image by Chris Karidis
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