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SWM Yachts are helping to protect & preserve our environment 

Image by nikldn

As well as reducing our emissions and promoting sustainable resources, recycling at our offices and throughout the business, we can assist our clients to do so too. This starts with a comprehensive set of actions we are taking towards our managed yacht fleet, whether this is to offer the chance for our clients to offset their emissions, the use of natural products on deck, or fitting sustainably sourced furniture aboard.

We are also highly committed to reduce plastic use across our managed fleet, by way of promoting the use of reusable water bottles, or introducing a recycling plan for the crew to follow. We can also ask our partnered provisioners and suppliers to reduce the amount of plastic wrapping before it is shipped.

As well as this we are committed to going further, and our future endeavour is to build ever greater partnerships within the yachting industry and beyond to deliver our promise for a cleaner, greener world.

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