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The Americas

The Americas make for an exceptional charter. With such a variance in climate, geography and culture, incredible memories can be made here. From Alaska to New England, all the way down to tropical Central & South America.

An Americas yacht charter offers limitless possibilities. A myriad of metropolitan and cosmopolitan cities throughout Canada and the US can be hopped between regardless of whether you’re on the Eastern or Western seaboard.

On the West Coast, you can explore Mayan ruins and dive fascinating reefs along the Pacific coastline of Mexico. Even further out, enjoy seclusion in the Galapagos Islands, 1,000 kilometres (621 miles) off the coast of Ecuador. While navigating this stunning volcanic archipelago, follow in Charles Darwin's footsteps and discover unique and incredible plant, animal and marine wildlife.

Whilst down South, explore virgin territories surrounded by snow-capped mountains in Chile and Patagonia. For the hedonists, Brazil's wide coastline offers a diverse range of cultural and scenic attractions. The Bay of Kings, off the coast of Rio, is a sheltered cruising area with 365 islands to explore, perfect for private island hopping on a luxury superyacht charter.

The Americas offer something unique and memorable wherever on the two continents you might choose.

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Hotspot Highlights

Mexico East Coast

Easy to mix in with a Caribbean luxury yacht charter, Mexico’s East Coast welcomes you with turquoise waters, sugar soft sand and swaying palms. The Yucatan peninsula is the main hot spot, home to Mayan ruins, the historically beautiful Merida, and the unplugged and eco-friendly offerings of Tulum. For a more upbeat atmosphere further up the coast, Veracruz remains a popular superyacht charter destination for its annual Carnival festival, stretch of beaches, and a dormant volcano.

New England

New England, formerly home to America's founding fathers, is now the epicentre of North American yachting, and the region's vibrant colours and beautiful villages provide for enchanting sailing grounds. They provide a wide range of luxury yacht charter options, from history and hospitality on land to magnificent beaches on the mainland and off-shore islands.

Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island make up the New England area. It is famous for its Colonial history, Atlantic coastline, changing fall colour, and wooded mountains.

The Gay Head cliffs are nearby and worth the hike for the views, and it's also pleasant to peruse the shops and restaurants onshore while admiring the town's unusual and charming gothic houses.

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