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Northern Europe & Baltics

From the maze of towering fjords and massive glaciers in the north to the charming ports and yachting towns of the UK and the Channel Islands, the cruising grounds of Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea are strikingly diversified.

Due to the relative lack of superyacht infrastructure, the UK and Ireland's coasts are often overlooked for a luxury superyacht charter, but the west and north coasts of Ireland are an ideal starting point for an extended trip into northern Europe, sailing from here up to the west coast of Scotland and onto the Faroe Islands before reaching Norway.

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Norway & Sweden

Norway's fjords are a country of spectacular snow-capped peaks and glaciers, immense icefields with massive icebergs, awe-inspiring animals, and epic experiences.

A precise itinerary in this area will depend on the weather and the level of the sea ice, but possible superyacht charter itineraries include Bergen to Bergen, which takes in some of Norway's most beautiful fjords and cities, and Norway to Svalbard, which is Europe's northernmost permanent inhabited site on the globe. Scandinavia and Sweden, both complement and contrast to Norway, provide comparable pure natural beauty but a more cosmopolitan way of life. Modern design abounds in Sweden's cities, with everything from textiles, furniture, and household items to contemporary architecture on display. Sweden is taking a more sustainable approach to design and is perhaps leading the way in this area.

Stockholm, known as the 'Venice of the North,' is a vibrant metropolis stretched across 14 islands that is often recognised as one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world.

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