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Indian Ocean

For centuries, the Indian Ocean has served as a significant water route connecting Africa's spices, East Asia's scents, and the Middle East's wealth with Europe and the Americas. The Indian Ocean archipelagos are currently known as some of the world's most beautiful sailing destinations. The Indian Ocean is home to a plethora of picturesque spots that are ideal for a luxury yacht charter. The Indian Ocean offers a multitude of opportunities for superyachts exploring the region, from the 115 islands of the Seychelles to the rural terrain of Sri Lanka. The places in this region of the globe are home to spectacular white-sand beaches in addition to some of the most beautiful landscapes.

This is utopia in all its grandeur, with endless marinas, an abundance of perfect weather, and an extraordinarily warm welcome from friendly inhabitants. An incredible Indian Ocean luxury superyacht charter allows you to immerse yourself in the rich local culture while also exploring a natural underwater playground that never ceases to astound snorkelers and divers. The warm ocean temperature and excellent visibility make this location a favourite for dramatic highlights such as viewing the massive whale shark from your superyacht, while amiable giant tortoises and booming coconut crabs live comfortably on land.

Remote islands, jungle covered atolls and stunning mountains make for an incredible charter. With warm clear waters, shipwrecks and low-lying coral atolls teeming with life the Maldives make for excellent diving, whilst the Seychelles offer unique cultures and easy sailing.

Surfing, snorkelling and diving will be the number one reason for chartering in the Indian Ocean, all against a backdrop of beautiful crystal seas and stunning islands.

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Hotspot Highlights

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, known for its tropical retreats, is another noteworthy location in the Indian Ocean. The beaches, like those in the Seychelles, are near to superb diving spots with a diverse array of marine life. There are also a handful of critically regarded restaurants dishing up some of the greatest traditional delicacies for foodies. Sri Lanka is also rich in history, with the 5th-century castle of Sigiriya serving as the focal point of intrigue. Sri-Lanka is a great location for any luxury superyacht charter.


The Maldives are a stunning group of islands in the Indian Ocean that are gradually becoming a popular luxury superyacht charter destination. The Maldives has a beautiful climate, some of the world's best beaches, and magnificent coves and lagoons. The Maldives are a coral archipelago with 1,190 islands. As a result, the multitude of leisure activities and experiences, including amazing scuba diving, are complemented by spectacular landscape and natural beauty.

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