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In the Caribbean, time moves a little slower. The Caribbean is an intoxicating haven of exotic wildlife, lush rainforests and secluded sugar soft sands stripped away by the calm, turquoise waves. The salt of life is so abundant in this tropical paradise that you can taste it in every wind that caresses your face as you relax onboard, mesmerised by the sky's blue, lush green flora, and spotless white dunes. Only the people, whose genuine and real lifestyle has been formed by a rich and sometimes tragic history, are more inviting than the vibrant, colourful scenery. The Caribbean Sea, which stretches 1,000 miles between North and South America and contains thousands of islands spread over 28 island countries, is ideal for superyacht exploration.

When to visit: October – April

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Hotspot Highlights

Windward Islands

The Windward Islands, which stretch from Martinique in the north to Grenada in the south, are strewn across the Caribbean Sea like pearls. The Windwards islands are the bigger islands of the Lesser Antilles, surrounded by a multitude of reefs and cays. This series of picturesque islands is home to some of the most magnificent sites in the Caribbean, with lush jungle, sugar-white sandy beaches, and sparkling seas. The Windward Islands are largely volcanic, with steep mountain topography that provides breathtaking vistas. Each island is unique and gorgeous in its own way, and visitors on a Caribbean luxury superyacht charter are sure to discover one that suits them.

A plethora of magnificent rivers and streams assist to maintain the soil rich and fruitful, with this breathtaking archipelago offering ideal conditions for a thriving agricultural business, which is the economic backbone of this attractive cluster of islands. The Windward Islands have a similar charter season to the Leeward Islands, which runs from November to July. These islands are the Caribbean's best-kept superyacht charter secret, offering a magnificent and diverse tropical hideaway.


The Bahamas are considered as one of the greatest luxury yacht charter locations, being close enough to the United States to be included in a US-based yacht charter itinerary while yet evoking the ambiance of a Caribbean tropical island paradise. The Bahamas archipelago is made up of over 700 islands and is protected by one of the world's biggest barrier reefs, allowing for secure yacht navigation and limitless diving and water sports opportunities. The Bahamas are the perfect superyacht charter destination, with a year-round mild climate, white sand beaches, and hidden hideaways blended with luxury resorts, shopping, gourmet restaurants, and world-class golf courses. With diamond-white sand beaches and crystal-clear turquoise seas, the Bahamas offer an extraordinary blend of tropical beauty. The islands are overflowing with vivid culture and are known for their laid-back lifestyle and friendly people. Their love of music, especially African drum beats, Caribbean Calypso, and Bahamian Goombay, is on display during Junkanoo, the Bahamas' national festival, which brings a flurry of energy, colour, and partying to the islands for two nights each year. The Bahamas' indigenous culture is robust and deep-rooted enough that it cannot be diluted by outsiders. Instead, the country coexists as a playground for the world's superyacht elite as well as a cultural heartland with a unique national character.

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