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From the splendours of the Maldives to the distinctive archipelagos of the Seychelles and Madagascar, exploring Africa by luxury charter yacht opens up ancient and isolated civilizations. Sample the joys of a South African vineyard or experience nature's real magnificence in the wild. A luxury superyacht charter is one of the best ways to see Africa's spectacular coastline and offshore islands.

Explore the magical warm seas of Tanzania near the island of Zanzibar as you go farther up Africa's East Coast. There are sheltered islands and coral reefs to discover, as well as dolphins and whales to see and beaches to relax on.

Travel along Kenya's Swahili coast and sail to exotic islands to soak in the sun and learn about the local culture. Along this spectacular and enticing coastline, keep a watch out for turtles, dolphins, and whale sharks. It is feasible to make a pit stop here and travel interior to one of the several national parks. Prepare to be amazed when you see the big five for the first time on the plains of the Msai Mara.

Wherever you choose to charter a yacht, the magnificence of Africa will awe you as you spend your days soaking up all of the pleasure and luxury that a luxury yacht charter has to offer.

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Madagascar, located 400 kilometres (250 miles) off the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, has a 5,000-kilometer (3,100 mile) coastline with unspoilt crystalline seas that are ideal for exploring on a luxury superyachtcharter, with numerous wonderful sites for scuba diving and snorkelling. One of the island's major draws is its diversity, with different habitats of lush jungle flora and gorgeous beaches to explore. There are coral reefs to see, beautiful beaches to relax on, wildlife-filled woods to explore, and unique tribal cultures to encounter. Madagascar has two seasons: a hot, rainy season from November to April, and a cooler, dry season from May to October, influenced by the South-Eastern trade winds that originate in the Indian Ocean.

Madagascar provides you a magnificent yacht charter experience with all of these opportunities.

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