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Country: Netherlands

Founding: 1987

Largest superyacht: M/Y infinity (117m)

A superyacht build by oceanco - which are renowned for their fine craftsmanship - are among the most highly sought-after superyachts available for purchase and charter. Oceanco is one of the most successful builders in the large superyacht industry, specialising in quality workmanship of some of the largest superyacht projects in the world. Oceanco's continual evolution in the design, engineering, and building of its vessels has made them highly successful.


With its founding in 1987, the renowned brand is a relative newcomer to the yachting sector. In spite of this, they have already delivered several award-winning superyachts, including their biggest to date, the 117m infinity, and they have a number of even bigger yachts under construction including the project y721 which will quickly become the world’s largest sailing yacht when completed.

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